1. Nele says


    We all have to die, sooner or later. But, this soon? I would have liked to see him do and say some more good…

  2. Peter says

    Hitch lived…that is all. Don’t dispair, don’t mourn. I suspect his attitude would have been against it. Remember him for what he stood for, and stand tall. All who question folly deserve that…

  3. echidna says

    Why should Hitch have tried to suppress mourning? It’s not as if he is in a better place. He is gone.
    But we can remember him, be glad he lived, and raise a glass in his honour.

  4. Jonathan Figdor says

    Thanks for making an observance, Greta. But Hitch was never one for sentimentality, so back to blogging/writing tomorrow. It is what he would have wanted.

  5. Stan Brooks says

    Thanks Greta!! As always, well said and eloquent and so on the mark. I didn’t always agree with him, he sometimes got it wrong (in my opinion), but he got it and said it. Two distinct voices moved me to declare myself an atheist, Christopher Hitchens and yours. He will be deeply missed. Tears here as well.

  6. Stan Brooks says

    I meant my last post to be for the article you posted on Hitch, but I expect it isn’t too far off the mark here either.

  7. Hunt says

    Just read a syndicated column by Ross Douthat “Defender of Atheism,” predictably attempting to sidle up to the memory of Hitchens, state that religious people actually appreciated his “rebellious nature” (you all know where this is heading…) and ending with the obligatory mention of the hopelessness of atheism, but wait, that Hitchens secretly believed otherwise, and then… “My hope–for Hitchens, and for all of us, the living and the dead–is that now he finally knows why.”
    Unfortunately, there’s going to be a lot of that, before people finally settle on the fact that Hitchens just hated religion, period.

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