The Sniper Fire of Kitten Cuteness

No time for a full photoset today, so instead I’m firing a single, well-aimed shot of lethal kitten cuteness:

All three kittens, curled up together, with one yawning.

Puny mortals, you are no match for the awesome power of the yawn!


  1. Colin KLINE says

    Kitteh #1 is saying : “Aaargh frag off !”

    Kittehs #2 & # are saying “Huh, whu, is it daylight yet ?”

  2. Dana Hunter says

    Damn, I should’ve opened this at work. Falling out of my chair there might qualify me for medical leave, so I can spend all day looking at kittehs! Alas, I am home for lunch and now having to explain to my cat why I’m looking at pictures of other cats.

  3. michaelswanson says

    Hey Jen, Portland is a bit down the highway from you, but we have a wonderful cat shelter called the House of Dreams! There are several bonded pairs there right now, so you could tie with Greta in one adoptive swoop!

    You know you want to.

  4. Daniel Schealler says

    I managed to resist the urge to yawn in reaction to this picture for very nearly thirty seconds.

    So much for the air-pressure hypothesis. ^_^

  5. Izzy Leonard says

    Great, first Jen McCreight, now Greta Christina. Can no one else see that these cats are clearly agents of the Conservative Christians and/or Atheist “Men’s Rights” activists to silence our best female voices? Well, not so much silence them as MAKE EVERYTHING THEY POST ABOUT CATS, but it’s the same diff.

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