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Nov 24 2011

Greta’s Amazing Chocolate Pie

white pepper

This is an old post from my archives, which I’m reprinting today for obvious reasons. Happy Thanksgiving! It’s been a while since I’ve done a food post here that wasn’t about weight management, and I just made this pie for my birthday, so I thought I’d share the recipe. This is a ridiculously easy, unbelievably …

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Nov 23 2011

Child Rape, Penn State and the Catholic Church: Is Religion Especially Bad?


The child rape scandal at Penn State raises inevitable comparisons with the Catholic Church. Does religion make these kinds of abuses worse? I can’t be the only person who heard about the Penn State child rape scandal and thought, “Holy crap — it’s just like the Catholic Church.” The abuse of power by a trusted …

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Nov 23 2011

From the Archives: Why Are You Still Catholic?

Catholic Church

Since I moved to the Freethought Blogs network, I have a bunch of new readers who aren’t familiar with my greatest hits from my old, pre-FTB blog. So I’m linking to some of them, about one a day, to introduce them to the new folks. Today’s archive treasure: Why Are You Still Catholic? The tl;dr: …

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Nov 18 2011

Fashion Friday: The Shellac Report


I am 100% sold. Okay, more accurately and a little less gushingly: I’m about 95% sold. There are a few drawbacks, but they’re pretty minor, and the advantages outweigh the drawbacks… in much the same way that the Brooklyn Bridge outweighs a potato chip. I’m talking about shellacs, the new long-lasting manicure technique. I got …

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Nov 17 2011

Off to Skepticon – Brief Blog Semi-Break

I’m off to Skepticon today, I’ll be gone through Monday — and I don’t know how my time or my Internet connectivity will be when I’m away. (Hotels usually have wireless, but they sometimes make you pay for it, and I’m cheap.) So I may or may not be blogging much, or indeed at all, …

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Nov 16 2011

Freethought Bloggers Meetup at Skepticon!

Y’all know about Skepticon, right! The totally awesome, totally free atheist/ skeptical conference happening this weekend in Springfield, MO? (Registration is still available, btw, as is room sharing and ride sharing.) It turns out that five — count ‘em, five — bloggers from the Freethought Blogs network are going to be speaking there: PZ Myers, …

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Nov 16 2011

“That thing with the polar bears”: Greta Interviewed at WWJTD?

Who is your arch nemesis? There’s this accountant at an auto parts chain in Wichita. He doesn’t know. He’s never even heard of me. He’ll rue the day he finds out… Seriously, though: I don’t have one. There are certainly people whose work and views I’m passionately opposed to… but there’s no one person who …

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Nov 16 2011

Welcome John Loftus’s Debunking Christianity to Freethought Blogs!

We are honored to have a new blogger in the Freethought Blogs network: John Loftus, at Debunking Christianity. John W. Loftus is a former Christian minister and apologist with M.A., M.Div., and Th.M. degrees in Philosophy, Theology, and the Philosophy of Religion from Lincoln Christian Seminary and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. While in school John …

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Nov 15 2011

“Be Wildly, Passionately Pursued”: Women and Passivity


“Just once in life, every woman should…” How would you finish that sentence? In the December 2011 issue of Glamour Magazine, the editors asked three women writers to finish that sentence. And Caitlin Flanagan (To Hell with All That: Loving and Loathing Our Inner Housewife) finished it this way: “Just once in life, every woman …

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Nov 14 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cute Kittens: Compare and Contrast


I’m currently working on a piece comparing the child rape scandal at Penn State with the child rape scandal in the Catholic Church. It’s making me sick and sad. Over on Facebook, I pleaded, “Can’t I write a piece comparing chocolate chip cookies with cute kittens?” And it was pointed out, by more than one …

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