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Off to Skepticon – Brief Blog Semi-Break

I’m off to Skepticon today, I’ll be gone through Monday — and I don’t know how my time or my Internet connectivity will be when I’m away. (Hotels usually have wireless, but they sometimes make you pay for it, and I’m cheap.) So I may or may not be blogging much, or indeed at all, for the next few days. (I’ll do a Fashion Friday piece if I can — I know you’re all waiting breathlessly to hear my verdict on the new shellac manicures — but I’m making no promises.) See y’all soon!


  1. RealityEnforcer, Roaming Bear, terror of the Boy Scouts says

    Hello from fellow Skepticon travelers! We just checked in to the hotel, after a thankfully boring flight.

  2. James says

    Came to Skepticon 4 from Arkansas! Absolutely loved your talk. I came to Skepticon as a very passive person, seeing no reason to interfere with other’s religion. Your speech made me justifiably angry, and I love it! Of course, this doesn’t mean I’ll be burning down places, but it does give me a new passion and drive to be more active in my local SSA than I already am. Keep up the inspiring work! <3

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