Dream Diary, 10/29/11: The Sociology of Atheist Leadership

I dreamed that a sociologist was analyzing the effectiveness of atheist leaders and writers, and was correlating this effectiveness with two factors: where they lived, and how much they paid in mortgage or rent. I ranked very high on this sociologist’s effectiveness scale, but was nevertheless outraged by this analysis, because (a) the two factors were clearly not independent but were closely linked, and (b) the whole thing seemed patently ridiculous.


  1. MAtheist says

    No wonder I’m not an atheist leader, I’m living in the wrong place and paying too much for my mortgage. :)

  2. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    No doubt about it, rent and mortgage rates are high in San Francisco. No wonder you’re such a great blogger.

  3. says

    Did your dream include any ideas of factors to consider when analyzing effectiveness , because we might want to do that at the Humanist Community Project!

  4. speedwell says

    Just wait until your next dream, in which atheist rank-and-filers are evaluated on the same scale. Based on the fact that I live in Texas, where the cost of living is low and my rent is affordable, I am obviously proven to be a hopeless, fat, self-indulgent, ignorant, gun-clutching moron, when in fact only two of those things are true. :)

  5. Art says

    Sounds like a flipped and involute variation on the old ‘If you’re so smart why aren’t you rich’ theme.

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