From the Archives: The Atheist Movement Ladies’ Auxiliary and Sewing Circle

Since I moved to the Freethought Blogs network, I have a bunch of new readers who aren’t familiar with my greatest hits from my old, pre-FTB blog. So I’m linking to some of them, about one a day, to introduce them to the new folks.

Today’s archive treasure: The Atheist Movement Ladies’ Auxiliary and Sewing Circle. The tl;dr: Professor Stephen Prothero wrote in USA Today that the atheist movement needed to get more women into positions of visibility and leadership — because atheism is currently too confrontational and angry, and having more women leaders will make the movement more friendly and more diplomatic, since women are more interested in everyone getting along than we are in debates over what is and isn’t true.

A nifty pull quote:

Suck my dick, you pompous windbag. You think getting more women into the atheist movement means you won’t have to face a fight? Bring it on. You smug, patronizing, cowardly, sexist prick.



  1. elaine says

    the skeptic “women problem”…again/still.

    where rational-identifying people are not rational.

  2. besomyka says

    I do love that quote, and I’m glad you said it. I think the more we can violate the stereotype, the more that stereotype shifts in our social minds.

    @1 Adam: And cis-women only, I’d imagine. Even so…

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