Greta Interviewed on “Ask an Atheist” Podcast!

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Are you a podcast fan? If so, check out my latest interview! I was recently interviewed for the “Ask an Atheist” radio show, and the program is now available in podcast form. The main topic of conversation is anti- atheist bigotry — especially among progressive and moderate believers — but the conversation wanders into many other interesting and fun godless topics. Enjoy!


  1. Eclectic says

    I’m also a strong atheist. And no, I’m not crazy; I’m practically, meaning “as a practical matter”, certain that there is no God.
    I’ve thought about it and decided that I have a sufficient amount of evidence of absence to satisfy me.
    As for Unicorns, there aren’t any alive now, but there certainly have been around recently. I know someone with a scar inflicted by one of them!
    (Which led to a lot of teasing about virginity.)

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