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Apr 29 2011

Greta Speaking in San Francisco, Sat. April 30

Hi, all! Just a reminder: I’ll be speaking in San Francisco tomorrow, Saturday April 30, at the monthly meeting of the San Francisco Atheists. The event is downtown (Schroeder’s Restaurant, 240 Front St.), near both BART and MUNI. The topic du jour: “Why Are You Atheists So Angry?” Here’s the summary: Why are you atheists …

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Apr 29 2011

Crush PZ Myers — And Support Camp Quest!

We’re having a blogging contest to see who can raise more money for Camp Quest, the kids’ camp for children of atheists, freethinkers, humanists, and other non-supernaturalists. Five awesome atheist bloggers are competing to see who can raise the most money to support Camp Quest! Since one of those bloggers is the indomitable PZ Myers …

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Apr 27 2011

One More Reason Religion Is So Messed Up: Respected Theologian Defends Genocide and Infanticide

A respected, mainstream theologian is seriously arguing that as long as God gives the thumbs-up, it’s okay to kill pretty much anybody. “Respected Theologian Defends Infanticide.” Why did this story not make headlines? In a recent post on his Reasonable Faith site, famed Christian apologist and debater William Lane Craig published an explanation for why …

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Apr 21 2011

Upcoming Talks in Des Moines, Sacramento, and San Francisco – And Brief Blog Break

Hi, all! Just a reminder about some upcoming talks I have. I’ll be speaking at the American Atheists national convention this weekend in Des Moines, Iowa — and the week after I come back, I have talks scheduled in both Sacramento and San Francisco. I’ll be speaking on the topics of “Atheism and Sexuality” and …

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Apr 20 2011

Is Monogamy Fair?

This piece was originally published on the Blowfish Blog. I never reprinted it here, for reasons that now escape me. But the Blowfish Blog archives are apparently no longer on the Internets, and the original piece is no longer available. So in the interest of completism and making all my published works accessible, I’m going …

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Apr 19 2011

The Rest Stop

Please note: This story contains extensive sexual content — what with it being porn and all — and is not to be read by readers who are under 18, or who do not want to read adult material. The Rest Stop He pulls his pickup truck into the rest stop. It’s one in the morning …

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Apr 12 2011

Minneapolis & Salt Lake City Talks — And Brief Blog Break

Just a reminder: I’m going to be on a mini speaking tour this week, with stops in Minneapolis and Salt Lake City. If you’re in/ near either city, come by to hear me rant and say howdy! I’ll try to blog when I’m gone, but I make no promises. At both venues, my talk will …

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Apr 11 2011

Gay Mafiosi and Group Marriage Monotheists: Sex, “Caprica,” and a Changing World

This piece was originally published on the Blowfish Blog. I never reprinted it here, since it was very topical, and by the time the reprint rights had reverted to me the show was no longer on the air. But the Blowfish Blog archives are apparently no longer on the Internets, and the original piece is …

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Apr 06 2011

Brief Blog Break

I’m going to be out of town for a few days, speaking on a panel at the American Humanist Association annual conference in Boston this weekend. I’ll try to blog a little while I’m gone, but may not have the time. I’ll be back on Monday with my regular non-schedule. If you’re coming to the …

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Apr 05 2011

Why Do Atheists Have to Advertise?

This piece was originally published on AlterNet. “Are you good without God? Millions are.” “Imagine no religion.” “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” Atheist ad campaigns are everywhere. Around the U.S. and around the world, atheist organizations have been buying space on billboards, buses, TV and more, with messages ranging …

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