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Mar 08 2011

High School Atheists Are Organizing — Why Are Schools Pushing Back?

This piece was originally published on AlterNet. High school non-theist groups are finally getting dedicated support from a national organization. Why are high schools resisting — and what does this mean for the future of atheism? High school student Brian Lisco just wanted to form a student club. A senior at Stephen Austin High School …

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Mar 06 2011

Atheism, Sex, and Sexuality – Greta Interviewed by Gay Calgary Magazine

There’s a really cool interview with me in the most recent issue of Gay Calgary magazine! I’m going to be giving a talk on “Atheism and Sexuality” at CFI Calgary on March 12 (as part of a speaking tour that also includes Edmonton and Urbana-Champaign in Illinois), and Evan Kayne at Gay Calgary Magazine invited …

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Mar 03 2011

Greta’s Speaking Tour — Urbana/Champaign, Calgary, and Edmonton, March 10-13

If you’re in Illinois or Alberta — specifically in Urbana/Champaign in Illinois, or in Calgary or Edmonton in Alberta, Canada — come hear me speak! I’m going to be doing a mini speaking tour, March 10-13, in these three cities. My stops will be at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; the University of Calgary; …

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Mar 02 2011

Free Speech for Evil, Hateful, Repulsive Nutjobs? You Betcha!

The Supreme Court just overturned the verdict against Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church, and upheld their right (in limited circumstances and with reasonable restrictions) to picket funerals. It therefore seems like a good time to reprint this piece, written in 2007 when the original verdict against Phelps came down… explaining why, with great …

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