Brief Blog Break/ Speaking Tour, NE Ohio and Western PA, Oct. 13-15

Hi, all. I’m going to be out of town this week, on a speaking tour of Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, with stops in Cleveland, Kent, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh. It’s a pretty packed schedule — five talks in three days — and I think it’s unlikely that I’ll be blogging until I get back.

And if you live in Northeastern Ohio or Western Pennsylvania — or if you’re going to be there next week — come hear me speak! I’ll be speaking on three different topics: Atheism and Sexuality, Atheist Philosophies of Death, and What The Atheist Movement Can Learn From the LGBT Movement. So come hear me more than once, if you like! I’ll be doing Q&A at every talk, so come with questions if you have any. And if you do come, please introduce yourself and say howdy. Here, one last time, are the details:

LOCATION: Kent State University, Kent, OH
KSU Student Center, Rm 317
TIME: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
SPONSOR: KSU Freethinkers
TOPIC: Atheist Philosophies of Death

LOCATION: Brecksville Public Library, Brecksville, OH (near Cleveland)
TIME: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
SPONSOR: Center for Inquiry, Cleveland chapter
TOPIC: Atheist Philosophies of Death

LOCATION: Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH
Ohio Room
TIME: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
SPONSORS: YSU, Dr. James Dale Ethics Center
TOPIC: Atheism and Sexuality

LOCATION: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
Spartan Room in Thwing Center (Case’s Student Union) (map here)
TIME: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
SPONSORS: Case Center for Inquiry and Spectrum
TOPIC: Atheism and Sexuality

LOCATION: Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh, PA
One North Shore Drive, on Pittsburgh’s North Shore next to Heinz Field, on the Science Stage
TIME: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
EVENT: Associated with Drinking Skeptically – Pittsburgh
SPONSORS: Center for Inquiry Pittsburgh; co-sponsored by Steel City Skeptics and Drinking Skeptically – Pittsburgh
ADMISSION: $6 to non-CFI members, free to FOC. Parking $5 , $3 for Carnegie members.
TOPIC: What The Atheist Movement Can Learn From the LGBT Movement

Hope to see you there! And if you’re not in Ohio or Pennsylvania, I’ll see you here in the blog when I get back!


  1. Killerbee says

    Thanks for your blog. I arrived here via Richard Dawkins page and it is a nice change to have the views that I share so eloquently put by someone so literate.
    I loved your piece on Atheist Anger especially.

  2. lapsedlawyer says

    I’m part of the Theists/Nontheists list on Yahoo, and was directed to your Anger and Atheists post. Very glad I clicked on the link, not just for the post but the blog as a whole.
    I really hate it when people see us atheists as having nothing to contribute to moral and ethical discussion, and then proceed to shut us out before finding out how foolish that notion is. (Or maybe that’s why they shut us out — don’t want the kids to know we’re actually quite moral, and that we make more sense about it than the theists with their lists of do’s and don’ts and because-he/she/it/they say so logic.)
    Looking forward to your next post, and thanks for being here.

  3. says

    Thank you so much for your talk in Pittsburgh last night. I have read your writing before and heard you speak via YouTube, but it was great to hear you in person.

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