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New Fishnet Story: “War Games”

Fishnet logo “Under Stalin,” Sergei gritted out as he put his shoulders under the spray again, “I would have had you flogged.”

“Oh, I am sure of it,” Cherevkin said, amusement coloring his tone. “In fact, I don’t doubt you would have insisted on seeing to it personally. And liked it.”

Sergei’s head snapped up. “Watch yourself, comrade.”

“I was enjoying watching you. Pity you stopped,” the colonel answered. And he started fiddling with the control for the showers.

He growled. Couldn’t help it, an actual growl, as he stared at the bastard. The spray fluctuated on his body, hot then cold, strong then weak, as Arkady toyed with the water pressure and smiled at him.


That’s an excerpt from the latest story on Fishnet, the online erotic fiction magazine I’m editing: War Games, by Jackie Weiss. To read more, read the rest of the story. (Not for anyone under 18.) Enjoy!


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    The link seems to be broken, which I find… disappointing. Does the rest of the story still exist on the internet somewhere?

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