Atheist Meme of the Day: Religion and Science Don’t Operate in Separate Realms

Scarlet letter Today’s Atheist Meme of the Day. Pass this on; or don’t; or edit it as you see fit; or make up your own. Enjoy!

Religion and science do not operate in separate realms. Religion either makes claims about how God/ the supernatural affects the natural world, or it doesn’t. If it does, then those claims ought to stand up to careful, rigorous scientific testing. If it doesn’t, then it’s irrelevant. Pass it on: if we say it enough times to enough people, it may get across.


  1. Eclectic says

    I use a similar argument, but I tend to phrase it “has a perceptible effect on the world”. I can’t disprove a non-interventionist deity who dropped a big bang pebble into the pond of spacetime and has been passively watching the ripples for 14 billion years since then, but I can say that such a god has no moral commandments for anyone.

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