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New Fishnet Story: “When Lacy LeTush Went Blue, Blue, Blue!”

Fishnet logo

Fishnet has a new story up! The online erotic fiction magazine I’m editing, Fishnet, has a new story up for you to enjoy. It’s titled When Lacy LeTush Went Blue, Blue, Blue, by Thomas S. Roche, and here’s the teaser:

“Gorgeous!” came the voice. “Absolutely gorgeous! I especially liked the chair-schtupping, dollface. Sometimes they say we’re goin’ too blue, but I got one thing to say to that, people — ain’t no such thing as too blue. Va-va-va-voom, miss, you’re a tsatskeh if I ever saw one, if you don’t mind my saying. A maidel mit a klaidel.”

To read more, read the rest of the story. (Not for anyone under 18.) Enjoy!


  1. Cath of Canberra says

    But, but, it’s “to be continued”. I was loving the setting and the language, and then nothing happened. Argh. :)
    BTW, a suggestion – could you please put some themes keywords on the stories? I’m pretty squicked by anything non-consensual, for instance, and don’t want to accidentally read any. (Yes, I do know fiction is fiction. Still.)

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