“Depraved fantasies with sympathetic characters”: Best Erotic Comics Reviewed on Carnal Nation

Best-Erotic-Comics-2009“Christina’s series is fostering and canonizing a genre of erotica that associates explicit images with well-developed stories, depraved fantasies with sympathetic characters, and high lit/art with complex queer identities and kinky sexualities.”

That’s the money quote from the recent Carnal Nation review of Best Erotic Comics 2009. It’s a smart and thoughtful review: critic Dusty Horn has paid my book the very high compliment of taking it seriously and thinking about it carefully, both as comics literature and as smut. Of course, she’s also paid me the compliment of, you know, really liking the book: but even her criticisms are thoughtful and valid. (I don’t agree with them, of course… but it’s not like they’re out of left field.) If you want an unbiased second opinion about “Best Erotic Comics 2009,” this is a good one. I’ll leave you with one more quote:

“I am heartened by this published record of the current state of the collective erotic imagination, in all its perverted, anxious, conscious, joyful horny glory.”

Enjoy the review!

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