Monthly Archive: May 2009

May 14 2009

What Does it Mean to Believe in Something?

What does it mean to believe in something? One of the most common canards thrown at atheists… I’m sorry, but I’m being overcome with giggles right now, since the word “canard” comes from the French for “duck,” and I’m now picturing a brace of ducks being hurled at the attendees of an atheist convention by …

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May 13 2009

Greta’s Podcast Interview with Secular Nation

Want to hear me gas on converse eloquently in dulcet tones about atheism? Not sure what exactly “dulcet” means, but want to hear me talk about atheism anyway? Then check out this podcast interview I did with Secular Nation. Secular Nation, the magazine published by Atheist Alliance International, recently reprinted my Being an Atheist in …

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May 12 2009

Come See Greta Read! Bi-licious Performance and Panel, Sat. 6/6

If you’re going to be in San Francisco on Saturday June 6, come hear me read! I’m going to be part of “Bi-licious,” an evening of spoken word, music, and dance showcasing bisexual artists, performers and activists through a playful mix of serious issues and entertainment. I’ll be reading from my erotic novella, “Bending” (part …

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May 11 2009

The Prodigal Son’s Brother: More Thoughts on Queers and the Atheist Community

I thought I’d reached something resembling peace about being an atheist in the LGBT community. I’m not happy with the high level of vociferous religiosity in the queer community, or with how non-believers in that community get dissed. But I also realize that the atheist movement has only been getting serious visibility and organization in …

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May 09 2009

My Partner Cheated On Me With Their Right Hand

I have a new piece up on the Blowfish Blog. It’s about a particular form of jealousy, one that I find baffling and am trying to figure out: namely, the jealousy some people feel about their partner masturbating. It’s titled My Partner Cheated On Me With Their Right Hand, and here’s the teaser: Let’s take …

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May 06 2009

Simple Pleasures: A Review of “First Time”

I have a piece up on Carnal Nation, the new website for news, reviews, advice, and commentary about sex. My piece is a review of the new adult comic collection, “First Time,” written by French female author Sibylline and drawn by an assortment of artists. It’s titled Simple Pleasures: A Review of “First Time”, and …

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May 06 2009

Blog Carnivals!

Blog carnivals! Humanist Symposium #36, at Bloc Raisonneur. Carnival of the Godless #116, at Relatively Science. (And because I somehow missed it when it came around: Carnival of the Godless #115, at Anonymously Blogging My Heart Out.) Carnival of the Liberals #89, at Johnny Pez. Philosopher’s Carnival #88, at Go Grue! And Skeptical Parent Crossing …

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May 05 2009

Land of the Lotus Eaters, Part 2

This is the second half of this piece. It won’t make much sense unless you read Part One. Land of the Lotus Eaters, Part 2 In general, I suppose San Franciscans are bored with boring things fairly easily. We’re certainly willing to go to great and ridiculous lengths to avoid the experience. I often think …

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May 04 2009

Land of the Lotus Eaters

I wrote this piece a few years ago, and consider it one of the best things I’ve written. I’ve never been able to get it published, though, and I’ve finally decided that, fuck it, blogging counts as publishing. So I’m publishing it here. Enjoy! Land of the Lotus Eaters It’s January, and I am on …

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May 01 2009

A Skeptic’s View of Sexual Transcendence

Please note: This piece mostly isn’t about details of my personal sex life, but it does include a passing reference to my personal sexual practices. Family members and others who don’t want to read that stuff, use your own judgment about this one. I have a new piece up on the Blowfish Blog… and this …

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