Sex, Culture and Religion with Greta Christina: My Interview with Weird Things

Model_600I’ve just done what I think is a very cool interview with Greg Fish of the Weird Things blog (a blog devoted to “exploring science, the strange and the unknown”). Greg read my Skeptic’s View of Sexual Transcendence piece on the Blowfish Blog, and asked to interview me about the intersection of sex and religion. (It’s not a podcast, btw: we spoke in person on the phone, but Greg then transcribed and edited the interview and posted that on the blog.)

We talked about why New Age spirituality is so prevalent in the sex-positive community; whether there’s a sex- negative community; how traditional religious communities reconcile their fear and hostility towards sex with the injunction to be fruitful and multiply; what inspired me to write about a skeptical/ materialist view of sex in the first place; and what my vision is for an ideal sexual world.

The interview is titled Sex, Culture and Religion with Greta Christina. If you want to read what I have to say about all that, check it out. (And if you’re inspired to comment here, please consider cross- posting your comment to Weird Things as well — I’m sure he likes comments as much as I do.) Enjoy!

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