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Mar 06 2009

Blog Carnivals!

Humanist Symposium #33 is up at Verywide.net. Carnival of the Godless #111 is up at The Atheist Blogger. Skeptics’ Circle #106 is up at Disillusioned Words. And Carnival of the Liberals #85 is up at The Lay Scientist. Happy reading!

Mar 05 2009

On Happiness, or, Positive Atheist Philosophy #4,626

So what does it mean to be happy? There’s been an interesting discussion over at Daylight Atheism. A thought- experiment, posing the question: If you could hook yourself up to a happiness machine, would you do it? On the surface, if there’s no God to please and all we have is this life, it seems …

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Mar 04 2009

And Now, A Brief Pledge Break

So I have a quick question for y’all. Do you spend five dollars a month on your favorite sources of entertainment, enlightenment, information, and distraction? Do you spend five dollars a month on, say, books? Magazines? Cable TV? Pay porno sites? Music downloads? Video games? Live wrestling? Movies? Do you think it’s worth it? If …

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Mar 03 2009

Atheism and the Argument from Comfort

“But religion offers people comfort. It makes people’s lives easier. Why is it so important to you to convince people that it’s wrong? Why are you trying to take that comfort away?” Today — inspired by a comment from Kim — I want to take on what I call “the argument from comfort.” Or what …

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