Brief Blog Semi-Break

Hi, all. Sorry for the unscheduled interruption in service. Ingrid and I had an insanely busy weekend with no time for blogging, and I am now battling a nasty cold that’s left me physically unable to do anything but sleep and watch “Law and Order.” I’ll be back on the blog when I’m feeling better. See you soon!


  1. Ola says

    Get well soon, Greta!
    And until then, enjoy a cosy blanket, “Law and Order”, hot chocolate, and the incredible feeling of having a great reason to be lazy :-)

  2. Julie paradox says

    well, it’s a relief to hear you didn’t get arrested or hospitalised at the demonstrations ;-)

  3. says

    Wow, maybe someone on this blog can answer a question that I’ve had for several years now:
    Which Law & Order episode ends with the line, (reading from a child’s storybook): “And face up to our problems, whatever they are?”
    (I want to find a copy of this episode, actually.)
    Greta, take good care of yourself!

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