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Nov 25 2008

“Not a very nice story”: Susie Bright Interviews Me for “X: The Erotic Treasury”

Please note: This piece discusses my sex life — specifically, my sexual fantasies and my tastes in porn — in a certain amount of detail. Family members and others who don’t want to read about that, please don’t read this piece. Thanks. Sex, religious cults, atheism, spanking, pen-names, astrology, being made an example of, and …

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Nov 24 2008

The Sorrowful Mystery of Preacher Jenkins Part 1

My brother is (a) wildly talented, and (b) a strange, strange person. Which is good, since otherwise he wouldn’t fit in very well at family gatherings. (On both counts.) He’s lately taken up filmmaking as a serious hobby, and has put a series of his short films onto YouTube. I like all of them… but …

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Nov 24 2008

Blog Carnivals!

Blog carnivals! The Humanist Symposium #28, at Disillusioned Words. Carnival of the Liberals #78, at Greg Laden’s Blog. Skeptic’s Circle #100 (yay for round numbers), at Respectful Insolence. And Carnival of the Godless #105, at Antimattr. Happy reading!

Nov 23 2008

The Human Animal: An Atheist’s View of People and Nature

In an atheist’s worldview, what is our relationship with nature? Let me rephrase that. In this atheist’s worldview, what is our relationship with nature? In many religions — traditional Judeo- Christian- Islam in particular — the answer to that question is clear. Our relationship with nature is that nature was made for us. Animals, plants, …

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Nov 22 2008

The Best Non-Monogamy Advice I Ever Got: The Blowfish Blog

I have a new piece up on the Blowfish Blog. It’s about the best piece of advice I ever heard about managing non-monogamy in a long-term relationship. It’s titled, strangely enough, The Best Non-Monogamy Advice I Ever Got, and here’s the teaser: I wish I could remember who told me this, so I could thank …

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Nov 20 2008

The Obligatory Sarah Palin Column, or, Why I Don’t Care About A Pregnant 17 Year Old

This piece was originally published a couple of months ago on the Blowfish Blog. I wouldn’t have thought that my Sarah Palin piece would have much shelf life after the election. But the woman just keeps coming back like a bad penny. Or like the Terminator. So I thought it would be appropriate to remind …

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Nov 18 2008

Brief Blog Semi-Break

Hi, all. Sorry for the unscheduled interruption in service. Ingrid and I had an insanely busy weekend with no time for blogging, and I am now battling a nasty cold that’s left me physically unable to do anything but sleep and watch “Law and Order.” I’ll be back on the blog when I’m feeling better. …

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Nov 14 2008

National No on Prop 8 Protests, Saturday Nov. 15

In case you haven’t heard, there are going to be demonstrations tomorrow (Saturday, November 15), all over the country, to protest the banning of same-sex marriage in California and other states. The protests are happening in all 50 states, so if you live in the U.S., there should be one not that far from you. …

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Nov 13 2008

A Safe Place to Land: Making Atheism Friendly for The Deconverting

How can we make people who are questioning their faith feel that atheism is okay? In one of those coincidences that would have made me think the universe was trying to tell me something (back in the days when I thought the universe was trying to tell me things), this question has come up a …

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Nov 12 2008

Caution: Contains Nudity and Sex

Please note: This post contains a couple of passing references to my own personal sexuality. Not a ton, and not in any great detail; but family members and others who don’t want to read about that stuff might decide to skip this one. This piece was originally published on the Blowfish Blog. I want to …

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