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Sep 19 2008

Blog may be down tonight

Typepad will be doing some maintenance tonight, between 10 and 11 pm Pacific time. This blog may be temporarily down then. Please try to find a way to console yourselves and one another during this difficult time, and find a way somehow to carry on. Thanks.

Sep 19 2008

Blog Carnivals!

I’m a little behind on these — sorry about that! Humanist Symposium #25, at at Freethought Fort Wayne. Skeptic’s Circle #94, at Reduce to Common Sense; and Skeptic’s Circle #95, at Skeptimedia. Carnival of the Godless #99, at Oz Atheist’s Weblog, and Carnival of the Godless #100, at Prior Perceptions. Carnival of the Liberals #72, …

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Sep 18 2008

Things I Like: Dexter

The blog has been a little heavy the last couple of days — fascinating, and I’m loving it, but heavy — and I have a couple of heavy-ish posts planned for the coming couple/ few days. So I’m taking a moment to indulge in my new “Things I Like” series. In the interest of fending …

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Sep 16 2008

The Top Ten Reasons I Don’t Believe In God, Part 2

In yesterday’s post, I offered the first half of a list of The Top Ten Reasons I Don’t Believe In God. Here is the second half. 6: The physical causes of everything we think of as the soul. The science of neuropsychology is still very much in its infancy. But there are a few things …

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Sep 15 2008

The Top Ten Reasons I Don’t Believe In God

So why — exactly — do I not believe in God? In many of my writings about religion, I take my atheism as a given. When I critique religion, or gas on about atheist philosophy, I generally start with the assumption that religion is a mistaken idea about the world and that atheism is a …

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Sep 12 2008

Caution: Contains Nudity And Sex: The Blowfish Blog

I have a new piece up on the Blowfish Blog. It’s about nudity, and sex… and how, when people become more comfortable and knowledgeable about sex, the two stop being automatically connected. It’s called Caution: Contains Nudity And Sex, and here’s the teaser: Some years ago, I read a letter to Dear Abby from a …

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Sep 11 2008

Things I Like: Santa Fe

In the interest of fending off incipient crankhood and occasionally writing something positive and not critical, I am hereby inaugurating the “Things I Like” series. Ingrid and I were in Santa Fe recently for a family gathering: I was very struck by the city, which I’d never seen before, so I’m going to start there. …

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Sep 09 2008

Atheism and Hope

“Atheists have no hope.” Of all the slanders and misrepresentations told about atheists and atheism, this is… well, this is the one I’m thinking about right now. I’m thinking about it because of something I just read. It was in Doris Zine #26 by Cindy Ovenrack, and… well, here’s what it said. “I was talking …

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Sep 07 2008

In Defense of Atheist Blogging

Today, I want to point something out I would have thought was obvious: This is a blog. And every single blog post in it is… well, a single blog post. Here’s what I’m talking about. Among many theistic commenters, there seems to be an odd expectation that every single post I write about religion should …

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Sep 06 2008

Sex, TV, And Actual Human Beings: “Swingtown” And “Secret Diary Of A Call Girl”

This piece was originally published on the Blowfish Blog. This review was originally written a couple of months ago, when the programs in question were just starting; the first seasons of both are now over, and an update appears at the end of the piece. Funny thing. When I wrote my recent Blowfish review of …

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