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Apr 21 2008

“As honestly as I could”: My Interview with “First City” Magazine

Note to family members and others who don’t want to read about my personal sex life: This one you almost certainly want to stay away from. It discusses my sex life in some detail… and discusses aspects of my sex life that you probably don’t want to know about. I recently did a very interesting …

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Apr 19 2008

The Bank Job, And The Normalizing Of Kink: The Blowfish Blog

Note to family and others who don’t want to read about my personal sex life: This piece, and the piece it links to, doesn’t go into a lot of detail about my personal sex life, but it mentions it in passing. Use your judgment about whether you want to read it. Thanks. I have a …

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Apr 18 2008

Born or Learned? Sexuality, Science, and Party Lines

When I first came out into the gay community, one of the most common party lines going around was, “Gay parents aren’t any more likely to have gay kids than straight parents.” Some of the big political battles being fought at the time had to do with gay parenting, and the community was trying to …

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Apr 16 2008

Fuck Anything That Flies: Bisexuality, Fruit Flies, And The Causes Of Sexual Orientation

This piece was originally published on the Blowfish Blog. I love science. From the vaunted Pharyngula science blog comes this hilarious and enlightening news of mutant bisexual fruit flies. (As they say on Mythbusters: “Warning: Science Content.” Lots of it, if you read the whole linked story.) The gist, in case you don’t feel like …

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Apr 15 2008

The Best Anti-Creationist Message Ever

All our atheist and anti- theocratic PR clearly needs to feature cute animals from now on. From FreeThoughtPedia, via Cute Overload. A sentence I never expected to speak or write in my entire life…

Apr 15 2008

Come See Me Read! Perverts Put Out, Sat. April 19

If you’re going to be in the San Francisco area this Saturday, come see me read! I’ll be reading at the vaunted and notorious Perverts Put Out series, Saturday, April 19, at the Center for Sex and Culture. Other sex writers reading that evening will include Jim Provenzano, Kirk Read, Steven Schwartz, horehound stillpoint, Fran …

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Apr 14 2008

“Everything happens for a reason”: Atheism and Learning from Mistakes

I’m not sure when I started noticing this turn of phrase. But I think it was during one of our Project Runway marathons. When designers lose a challenge and get kicked off the show, roughly half of them say something along these lines: “Obviously I’m disappointed… but I think everything happens for a reason.” And …

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Apr 13 2008

Dreams, Pop Songs, and Joe Hill

And speaking of dreams… It’s always bugged me a little that, when pop songs and folk songs talk about dreams, they never sound like any dream I’ve ever had. No blogging about atheist plumbing; no shoe store run by the Museum of Modern Art; no evil balloon animals trying to kill my girlfriend. No surrealism …

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Apr 13 2008

Carnivals: Godless and Liberal

Carnival of the Godless #89 is up at Rational Response Squad. Carnival of Liberals is up at A Revolution of One. Wee-ha!

Apr 11 2008

Atheist Plumbing

As promised. Sometimes dreams really do come true… Questions of religious belief — or the lack thereof — can touch every aspect of our everyday lives. The effect can be obvious or unconscious; powerful or subtle. And yet it is in these everyday applications where theology or the lack thereof can touch us most deeply: …

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