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Note to family members and other who don’t much want to read about my personal sex life: While I don’t talk a ton about my personal sex life and sex history in this piece, I do somewhat. So you might not want to read it.

LaughterI have a new piece up on the Blowfish Blog. It’s about humor and laughter in porn, and humor and laughter in sex generally. And you might be surprised by my take on it. The piece is titled Two Erogenous Zones Walk Into A Bar: Sex and Humor, and here’s the teaser:

I once had a sex date with someone — a couple, actually — who wanted to have sex with Warner Brothers cartoon music in the background. They were definitely of the “people take sex too seriously, we wish they’d lighten up and have some laughs with it” camp. I liked the idea in theory… but in practice, I found the music extremely distracting. I’d be working up to a nice erotic climax, when I’d hear some comic “boing” in the background, and completely lose my momentum. I felt bad — I felt like I was one of those people they were complaining about who took sex too seriously — but it absolutely did not work for me.

So here’s what I think the problem is:

Laughter is a tension breaker.

And I don’t want the tension broken during sex.

To find out what I think about sex, humor, and why they aren’t always two great tastes that taste great together, read the rest of the piece. Enjoy!


  1. Eclectic says

    Bitchy Jones has recently published a nice rant on the subject, too.
    While I generally detest the “foreplay”/”sex” distinction, it’s kind of useful here. You can have lots of fun stoking the fire, but there’s a time to screw shut the pressure relief until… boom.
    It’s fun, it’s pleasant, it’s intimate, but there’s a brief interval where attaining an orgasm is not to be stood outside of and commented on.

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