Friday Cat Blogging: Ginger on the Fence

And now, two cute pictures of our cat.



Okay, not our cat, technically speaking. Ginger is a feral cat who hangs out in our backyard; our upstairs neighbors feed her and shelter her and keep an eye on her, and for a feral cat she’s become pretty social — she tolerates our presence if we don’t come too close, and she makes for a very pleasant and decorative garden cat. Here she is sitting on our backyard fence, also known as the Great Wall of China.


  1. yoyo says

    Unfortunatelu feral cats are a disaster in australia. they are too effiecient predators and eat all our marsupials and birdlife. I know your environment is different but it’s probably not a good idea to promote them.

  2. says

    Yoyo, in the area of the U.S. where Greta lives, the animal control types and kindly cat ladies tend to spay and neuter cat colonies, which is causing their numbers to stabilize and decrease. Also, given Greta’s yard in a very urban setting, that cat is going to have a minimal effect on the wildlife.
    I’ve heard abt. the cat situation in Oz and got some good ideas and blueprints for cat enclosures. My housecats are now allowed to go “out”, but in an Oz inspired cat porch on the back deck.

  3. Ru Temple says

    Have I mentioned just how much I love your back fence, and all the blue-and-white china on it?
    I love your fence.

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