Carnivals: Skeptic’s Circle and Carnival of Liberals

CarnivalSkeptic’s Circle #68 is up at Aardvarchaeology. This is the first time I’ve had a piece in the Skeptic’s Circle — they were kind enough to include my piece A Self-Referential Game of Twister: What Religion Looks Like From the Outside — so I’m all a-twitter with girlish glee. Haven’t had a chance yet to read the entire carnival, but of the ones I’ve looked at so far, my faves (other than mine, of course) are Medical study concluding for dummies at Med Journal Watch, on how NOT to analyze data (especially when it comes to race), and How God really “works” at Evangelical Realism, an analysis of an anti-atheist joke that completely turns it on its head.

And the Carnival of Liberals #46 is up at Truth In Politics — sans any pieces by me this time, but it’s still a good roundup of liberal blogging. Have fun, y’all!

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