Dream diary, 8/18/07: The cats’ PR rep, and the half-assed prison

Cats_3Dream #1: I dreamed that our cats Lydia and Violet had hired a PR representative to improve their public image. I was reading either a press release about them or a magazine article based on a press release, and realized that their publicity was being handled very professionally.

PrisonDream #2: I dreamed that I was visiting Ingrid at her new job in the prisons (in the dream, the Chino prison she’s been going to all the time was only about 45 minutes from San Francisco). When I arrived, it seemed that the prison was very small (only about 20 prisoners), and security was very lax. The guard asked if I could help push a patient in a wheelchair in to see Ingrid, and when I left, the guard very casually asked if I could lock the door behind me on my way out.


  1. Rebecca says

    That cat dream is the funniest thing I’ve read all week. But the real question is whether their rep can get them onto Cute Overload.

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