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“Many are finding welcome relief…”


“Many are finding welcome relief through the gentle vibration, adjustable soothing heat, and dilation provided by the Dila-Therm.”

Yeah, I bet they are.

I think this is hilarious. I knew about the history of vibrators, and how early/ vintage vibrators were marketed to women as health and beauty aids — in language that barely disguised their real intent. But I had no idea until now that, at the same time, there were butt toys for men being sold in the exact same way.

Now, I do understand that this might actually work as a treatment for prostatitis — in that anything that makes you come on a regular basis can be an effective treatment for prostatitis. But given that the ad was found, not in a medical journal or health magazine, but in a 1949 copy of “Detective World Magazine”… let’s just say that I have my doubts as to the device’s real intention.

Via Majikthise. Which, by the way, is the coolest blog name ever.


  1. Nurse Ingrid says

    It’s the nurse again, very entertained by this, but feeling compelled to butt in (so to speak)with one caveat: If you did have acute prostatitis, this thing would HURT! In fact, the way we diagnose prostatitis is basically to press on the prostate and see if you say “ouch.” It would be treated with antibiotics, not with a vibrating butt plug, for heaven’s sake!
    Now chronic prostatitis, which has in the past been nicknamed “the priest’s disease,” may in fact be caused by, among other things, prolonged sexual abstinence (meaning no orgasms or ejaculations of any kind, which can lead to congestion and chronic inflammation of the organ). In that case, I can see how regular use of this device would be helpful. Or fun!

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