Apr 19 2007

Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements” (Hilarious Video Week Part 3)

And yet another in this week’s series of Hilarious Videos I Found On Other Blogs. Today’s gem is from Dispatches from the Culture Wars. It’s an animation done to the Tom Lehrer song about the periodic table of the elements, and it’s… well, just enjoy. (Video below the fold.)

Tomorrow — the Masochism Tango!


  1. 1
    Jon Berger

    Interesting. I’d seen this one before:
    The one you linked is similar, but not identical; I’d have to assume that one is based on (to use the polite term) the other.

  2. 2
    Greta Christina

    That’s good one, Jon. I may even like it better than the one I linked to.
    You wanna know the funny thing? If you go to YouTube and do a search on tom lehrer elements, you’ll find close to two dozen different videos — including other animations, live-action renditions, video collages from TV shows, and one done in Dutch.
    What a profoundly weird time to be alive.

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