Monthly Archive: February 2007

Feb 28 2007

Well, There’s Your Problem: Atheists on Religion, Believers on Religion, Part 2

When we last left our heroine, she was agonizing over the question of religion’s affect on people’s behavior. She had discussed the inconsistency of many atheists who believe that people’s good behavior isn’t influenced by religious faith but that their bad behavior is — and the parallel inconsistency of many religious defenders, who believe that …

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Feb 27 2007

Having It Both Ways: Atheists on Religion, Believers on Religion

There’s this problem I’ve been running into in atheist writing, an example of bad thinking that crops up again and again even from some very intelligent writers. Richard Dawkins does it; Sam Harris does it a lot; cool atheist bloggers I read sometimes do it. It’s bugging me, and I want to point it out. …

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Feb 22 2007

Ballerinas and Rabbits: The Poetry of Spam

For no very good reason, I’ve been collecting the more surreal, more poetic subject lines of spams I’ve been getting. Some of them really are quite beautiful, in a random sort of way, and it seems a shame to just let them go to waste. So I’m starting to put them together into “found” poems. …

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Feb 20 2007

Define Your Terms, Dammit! Teens and the Emotional Consequences of Oral Sex

How do you do a study on the emotional consequences of oral sex, and not distinguish between blowjobs and muffdiving? There’s this study by UCSF on teens and sex, focusing not on pregnancy and STDs and stuff, but on teenagers’ emotional reactions to sex. Specifically, it focuses on how teenagers react differently to intercourse and …

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Feb 18 2007

Ninth and Bryant Parking Garage: A Review

A Dadaist masterpiece. This brilliant, unsettling work of contemporary installation art sets itself firmly within the Dadaist and neo-Dadaist tradition. With its blind alleys, impossible turns, and trajectories that lead nowhere, it echoes the functionless functionality of Meret Oppenheim’s “Fur-Lined Teacup,” Marcel Duchamp’s “Impossible Bed,” and, more recently, Jacques Carelman’s “Coffeepot for Masochists.” The influence …

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Feb 14 2007

Brain, Brain, What Is Brain? or, Is Gender Hard-Wired?

I read over on the ScienceToLife blog (a cool blog about science news affecting people’s lives) a piece on a BBC science program regarding differences between male and female brains. And on the BBC website, you can take the tests that they used in the series, and see whether you have a male or a …

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Feb 08 2007

Broccoli or Tofu? Sexual Differences in Relationships

Dan Savage has written yet another in his brilliant series of columns about couples with different kinks trying to negotiate a sex life that makes them both happy. In this case, the woman is fairly vanilla, and the man is into transvestite adult baby/diaper play. She’s been good about playing along with his kink, but …

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Feb 07 2007

Well, It Beats A Nice Hot Bath: Ted Haggard and the Straight Man’s Cure for Stress

So of course I’m all over the “Ted Haggard now says he’s straight” story. But what I’m really interested in is how many people are getting it wrong. If I read the pertinent quote correctly, then despite what you may have read or heard, Haggard isn’t saying that his homosexuality has been cured, and that …

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Feb 01 2007

Children Become Adults — Stop the Presses!

As you may have heard, Daniel Radcliffe, the 17-year-old actor who’s been playing Harry Potter in the movies, is about to do a London stage production of Equus (the psychodrama about a young man who has a sexual obsession with horses), and he’ll have some nude scenes and sexual scenes in the play. I’m not …

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