Happy Anniversary to Us, or, An Absolutely Fun Thing We’ll Never Do Again

I swear to God, we’ll put a more complete set of these on Ophoto or something soon. But today is our wedding anniversary, and I wanted to get the best of these on the blog. Thanks eight million times to everyone who made this such a magnificent, goofy, fabulously fun event. We love you all.

The best formal portrait.
Walking down the aisle. We are, at this point, completely insane.Chip_speech
Chip (one of my two best men), reading a piece he wrote just for us.Cynthia_et_al_song
Ingrid’s sister Cynthia, her partner Dusty, and mom-in-law Lori, singing “The Book of Love.” (The Magnetic Fields one, not the doo-wop one.)Laura_speech
One of Ingrid’s two maids of honor, Laura, reading the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage.Rick_song
My brother Rick, singing “O Mistress Mine.”Vows
Vows. Eep!Ring_1
Kiss. Very happy now.Sword_arch_1
Recessing through my longsword dance team’s sword arch.Right_after

Right after the ceremony. Totally manic.Gi_after_posed
No words are necessary.Gi_rebecca_big_chair
With our officiant Rebecca (the friend who introduced us), in the Stonecutter’s chair.Dinner_line
In line for dinner. Everyone looks so colorful! We told our guests to wear glamorous and festive attire, and they came through in trumps.Kids
Awwww… (The adults are Jenine and Kristine; the moppets are Katy, Lexy, and Seneca.)Mark_tom_big_chair
Mark and Tom, patriarchs of The Fez Family.Nilos_chris
Nilos and Kris.Russ_toast
Russ (Ingrid’s Dad), giving his toast.Dick_toast
Dick (my dad) and his toast.Judy_and_lori_toast
Ingrid’s mom Judy and her partner Lori, also known as the co-madres or the “mothers-in-love,” and their toast.Rick_toastbags
My brother Rick’s toast, which involved giving us Chicago White Sox World Series Champion T-shirts.Chip_toast
Chip’s toast.Gi_being_toasted
Us being toasted. Also a really good shot of Ingrid’s hair.
Ingrid’s cousin Corrie, and our volunteer wedding co-ordinator. No possible way we could have done this without her.Princess_royal_men
Berkeley Morris (Ingrid’s dance team) doing Princess Royal, traditionally done at weddings.Princess_royal_women
More Princess Royal.Sword
My sword dance team, Stinging Nettle Longsword, dancing “Bryde of Entropie.”Morris
Berkeley Morris, dancing “Four Lane End.” Those are axe handles.Julia_after_morris
Julia, the Morris dancer.Cake
The wedding cake. Lemon meringue. I want some now.Cutting_cake
Cutting the cake. One of the few things we did just because it’s traditional.Day_of_dead_cake_toppers
Our Day of the Dead cake toppers.
The first dance. (Not counting the Morris and sword dancing, of course…) We danced it to a waltz tune our friend Tim wrote for us for the wedding, called “Newsom’s Twosome.”1st_waltz_2
More 1st waltz.
English country dancing.Ecd2
More English country dancing.Ecd4
And still more English country dancing. I wrote this dance for the wedding, as a wedding gift to Ingrid. It’s called “With Whom To Dance,” danced to the tune of the Magnetic Fields song of the same name.
The last waltz.Alan_and_naomi_waltz
Alan and Naomi.Ben_robert_waltz
Ben and Robert.James_cathleen_waltz
James and Cathleen.Jocelyn_and_peter_waltz
Jocelyn and Peter.Jonathan_and_jenny_waltz
Jonathan and Jenny. (Jonathan is wearing his Willie Wonka costume.)Kalia_victoria_waltz
Kalia and Victoria.Mark_ton_waltz
Mark and Tom.Nilos_and_anita_waltz
Nilos and Anita.Rob_marian_waltz
Rob and Marian.Ruth_lise_waltz
Ruth and Lise.Steve_jen_waltz
Steve and Jen.The_very_last_photo
The very last wedding photo of the evening. We have never been more exhausted in our lives.


  1. jraoul says

    >Ingrid’s cousin Corrie, and our volunteer wedding co-ordinator. No possible way we could have done this without her.
    Amen! I always have three pieces of advice to give to people embarking on this particular journey, and having a person qualified to hold (and tap impatiently) a clipboard is the first one. (The other two are: Assign someone to remind you to eat, and throughout the whole process keep reminding yourself why you are doing this.)
    All best

  2. Jocelyn Reynolds says

    Aw ….. how sweet! Happy Anniversary, you two!! I loved looking at the photos, and it was also a hoot to remember what a wonderful event it was, and what a great crowd of wonderful people came to share it with you! Well done!
    All the best, for, well, ever!
    love, Joss

  3. Alan Winston says

    Joss pretty much said what I had to say. Wonderful event, wonderful crowd, wonderful fun; real community gathering, and exciting and moving to have your friends – not your random workmates or your necessary neighbors, but a party full of friends who care about you – there to celebrate. I totally dug getting to call dances for that group, and being able to contribute to the evening. Thanks for having me; have me call dances at your 50th anniversary party.
    — Alan

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