Monthly Archive: October 2006

Oct 25 2006

Dream diary, 10/25/06: The bees

I dreamed that Ingrid and I were going away for a while, and had left careful instructions for a housesitter. I woke up in an incoherent, terrified panic because we had neglected to tell the housesitter about the bees. There was an enormous beehive under the building, and we had meant to warn the housesitter …

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Oct 23 2006

Best Erotic Comics 2008: Call for Submissions

(Note: This news has now been updated.) Last Gasp is seeking submissions for an anthology of adult comics, Best Erotic Comics 2008 (the first in a planned annual series). The series is intended to showcase the most artistically interesting — and most sexually arousing — recent erotic comics, from both the literary comic side of …

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Oct 21 2006

The Death of the Novel?

My friend Kanani and I were talking about books last weekend, and one of the topics on the table was the fact that, even though we’re both voracious readers, neither of us reads very many novels any more. (Not contemporary ones, anyway.) This brought up an idea/rant I’ve been wanting to blog about for some …

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Oct 20 2006

Dream diary, 10/20/06: Illeana Douglas and the Oakland A’s

I dreamed that I was going to an Oakland A’s baseball game, and was just finding my seat when an usher told me I had to move. They were setting aside the section I was in for the hearing-impaired, and were shuffling people around to make that happen. I was irritated — I had a …

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Oct 11 2006

Shortbus — my complete review

So Adult Friend Finder magazine has given me permission to run my review of “Shortbus” (the original, unedited version) here on my blog now, without waiting the usual 90 days. So here it is. Enjoy! The Holy Grail Is Filled With Lube by Greta Christina Shortbus. Starring Raphael Barker, Lindsay Beamish, Justin Bond, Jay Brannan, …

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Oct 11 2006

Vogons Invade Congress!

This bit of separated-at-birth joy is not original to me — I originally found it on SF Gate’s Culture Blog — but it was much too good not to pass on. Here is Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert: … and here is Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz of the Vogon Constructor Fleet (from “Hitchhiker’s Guide to …

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Oct 06 2006

Shortbus: The Holy Grail Is Filled With Lube

John Cameron Mitchell has done it. He’s cracked the code. He’s found the Grail. Best known until now as the director/co-writer/star of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” John Cameron Mitchell has done the thing that it seemed was going to be done in the ’70s but never quite happened; the thing that those of us …

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Oct 04 2006

Sixteen Candles: The Rep. Foley Scandal

Well, the main thing I was going to say about the Rep. Foley teenage boy dirty text message argle-bargle, Susie Bright has already said, and better than I would have. The upshot: Congress just abolished habeas corpus and legitimized torture, and the story got buried with the department store ads (the SF Chronicle put it …

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Oct 02 2006

Sublimely Ridiculous: Mark Morris’s “King Arthur”

King Arthur Mark Morris Dance Company Cal Performances, Zellerbach Auditorium at UC Berkeley, 9/30/06 I am, rather uncharacteristically, speechless. Not that that’s going to stop me. I guess I should start by saying that it’s magnificent. Much of what I’m about to say is going to make it sound ditzy and dumb, so I should …

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