Monthly Archive: September 2006

Sep 25 2006

Domesticity and Degeneracy

Note: This post include descriptions of my personal sex life. If you don’t want to read that, please don’t read the rest of the post. So on Saturday, Ingrid and I went to the “Perverts Put Out” erotic reading, where I read my “college girl gets spanked by her professor” story… which turned out to …

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Sep 19 2006

Perverts Put Out returns — and I’m reading!

Come hear me read dirty stories — along with faboo sex writers Simon Sheppard, Carol Queen, Kirk Read, Charlie Anders, horehound stillpoint, and Lori Selke — when Perverts Put Out returns to San Francisco! Perverts Put Out was a long-running sex-writer forum/salon thing, which ended prematurely when host Bill Brent inexplicably decided to do what …

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Sep 17 2006

Are We Having Sex Now or What?

My apologies to my RSS people who get this twice. Something screwed up with my FeedBlitz feed, so I’m posting it a second time. Enjoy! When I first started having sex with other people, I used to like to count them. I wanted to keep track of how many there had been. It was a …

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Sep 14 2006

Queer Contra dance for everybody, Sunday at Ashkenaz!

“Square dancing just got fierce.” -San Francisco Bay Guardian. If you’ve heard me yak on about this Queer Contra dance thing I’m helping organize in the Bay Area, and you’re curious and want to check it out, our first dance of the new season is this Sunday at Ashkenaz in Berkeley, from 6 to 9. …

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Sep 07 2006

Juggling to Abbey Road

This is just cool. It doesn’t have anything to do with anything: it’s just cool. It’s this guy, Chris Bliss, doing a choreographed juggling routine to the “Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End” sequence at the end of Abbey Road. And it’s just neat. It’s one of those things, like the Thorax Cake, that makes me …

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Sep 04 2006

Love the Inventions, Hate the Inventors: Smacking Around Mark Morford, Round 2

Once again, the otherwise smart and funny SF Gate/SF Chronicle columnist Mark Morford has written a column revealing a strange and unsettling brand of New Agey religious intolerance. This time, his target is the stupidity of science — in particular, scientific studies that confirm common sense and common knowledge, and scientific studies that attempt to …

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