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Aug 30 2006

Hurricane Katrina, and What Government Is For

So I’m watching “When the Levee Broke,” the Spike Lee HBO documentary on Hurricane Katrina (which you all absolutely have to see, by the way), and what with that and the one-year anniversary, it seemed like a good time to say something I’ve been wanting to say for a while, about what government is — …

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Aug 29 2006

Tee Corinne, and my other mothers and fathers

Someone I never knew died on August 27, and I sat at my computer at work yesterday writing an obituary and trying not to cry. In case you’re not familiar with her, Tee Corinne was one of the earliest pioneers of the modern lesbian and women’s erotica movements — in photography, writing, and art. She’s …

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Aug 26 2006

Spanking for Stagefright

I don’t generally expect to get turned on by the New Yorker. But I just read this in the 8/26/06 issue, in John Lahr’s article about stagefright: “(Carly) Simon has found that physical pain often trumps psychological terror. ‘If you have something that’s hurting you physically, the pain is the hierarchy,’ she said. To that …

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Aug 24 2006

My Very Elegant Mother: The Great Pluto Controversy

It’s official. In case you haven’t heard, Pluto is no longer a planet. The International Astronomical Union has agreed on a definition of “planet” — and Pluto no longer qualifies. Damn. Only eight planets in the solar system. Freaky. And I heartily approve. The whole “pro-Pluto” movement reeked of rank sentimentalism. We can’t just go …

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Aug 20 2006

Hide and Seek: Dirty Found Magazine, issue #1

In my continuing attempt to keep this sex-writer’s blog at least marginally focused on sex, here’s another smut review I wrote for Adult Friend Finder magazine — my review of “Dirty Found” magazine. I do have a couple of rants-in-progress that I was hoping to finish this weekend, but with three parties plus picking up …

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Aug 15 2006

Going Wild: A Feminist’s Defense of the “Girls Gone Wild” Girls

In case you haven’t read this already, Joe Francis, the guy who runs the “Girls Gone Wild” empire, has been revealed by the L.A. Times to be a crazy, abusive, profoundly fucked-up asshole. I don’t actually have a lot to add on that particular topic apart from “Damn, what a crazy, abusive, profoundly fucked-up asshole.” …

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Aug 15 2006

For Better or Worse: “Taboo: Forbidden Fantasies for Couples”

In an attempt to inject some more sex into what is ostensibly a sex writer’s blog, I’m going to start posting some of my smut-and-sex-toy reviews here. Don’t worry — I’m not abandoning the rants and musings about skepticism and politics and music and weird dreams and Harry Potter and stuff. But since I am …

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Aug 07 2006

Bending and Bottoms: Erotic Reading by Greta and Others, Thursday 8/17

“She loved being bent over. More than any fiddling that might precede it, more than any fumbling sex act that might follow. The moment of being bent over was like a sex act to Dallas, like foreplay and climax blended into one swooning, too-short moment. A hand on her neck, pressing gently but firmly downward, …

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Aug 06 2006

Oh, The Believer and the Skeptic Should be Friends…

Quick question: Am I a total geek here? Will any other than me get the “Oklahoma” reference? Ever since I wrote the “Transcendental Skeptic” piece on this blog, I’ve been thinking a lot about the skeptic/spiritual believer question. Questions, I should say. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about the question of how agnostics/atheists/skeptics and religious/spiritual believers …

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Aug 02 2006

White House Caught Unaware By Sun Rising In the East

(AP) — The White House and Congress, caught unaware by Fidel Castro’s illness, prepared Wednesday for a possible showdown in Cuba as lawmakers drafted legislation that would pay millions of dollars to dissidents who fight for democratic change. ??? The handover was a surprise to the White House and Congress, one senator said. ????? “The …

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