Monthly Archive: July 2006

Jul 30 2006

Mutant Sci-fi Dahlias: The 2006 Christian Dior Paris Runway Show

Oh… my… God. You know, I get that high fashion — Paris runway-show high fashion in particular — is not about making clothes that people will wear. It’s an art form that works in textiles and is displayed on human models… but other than that, it bears no real relation to what people might wear …

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Jul 28 2006

The Erotic Illuminati!

Yippee! According to the San Francisco Bay Guardian Best of the Bay 2006 issue, I am part of San Francisco’s “erotic illuminati.” It’s a little mention in the Best Parliament of Perverts award they gave to Femina Potens Gallery for their “Sizzle Erotic Open Mic” (which they totally deserve, btw). And I quote: “In the …

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Jul 23 2006

Transcendental Skepticism: My Letter to Mark Morford

So Mark Morford (the SF Gate/SF Chronicle columnist) wrote this column last week about how pathetic it is when people can’t relate to the mystical energy of inanimate objects, and it really honked me off. I normally like Morford a fair amount — he’s smart and he’s funny, and he convinced me and Ingrid to …

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Jul 22 2006

Dream diary, 7/22/06: Art boots

I dreamed that SF MOMA (the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) had a shoe store next to the museum. Ingrid and I had just been to the museum exhibit with the enormous interactive gyroscopic space-chair by Matthew Barney, and we stopped to look at the MOMA shoe store’s window display. There was an exhibit/sale …

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Jul 16 2006

Why I Like the Loud Family

There’s this Loud Family song that’s been stuck in my head off and on for weeks now. It’s called “Not Expecting Both Contempo and Classique,” and it starts thus: Admiring paper on my wall How many really take the time? There may not seem that much creative latitude But that’s the challenge of design The …

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Jul 11 2006

North Korea, and Reason 8,624 that the War on Iraq was a Bad Idea

I’m not a 100% hardcore pacifist. I’m pretty close to it, but I’m not one. I do think there are times — not bloody many, but some — when military action is a necessary evil. And I think that now, or soon, might just possibly be one of those times. A mentally ill, megalomaniacal dictator …

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Jul 09 2006

Dream diary, 7/8/06: Sick dolphin

I dreamed that my friend and upstairs neighbor Laura had two pet dolphins in a swimming pool in our backyard, one of which was very sick. We could tell it was sick because it was filling up with gas and gradually blowing up like a large balloon. We (me, Laura, Ingrid, and the other people …

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Jul 06 2006

Oral Arguments

I was originally going to call this post “A Dyke’s Defense of Blowjobs,” but lots of my readers get these posts sent as email, and I thought some of you might not appreciate having that subject line show up in your In box…. Anyway… I recently found out that there’s been an entertaining flare-up in …

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