Monthly Archive: May 2006

May 25 2006

The CDC “pre-pregnancy” report — argle-bargle or fooferaw?

Okay. Dan Savage has ranted about it. Susie Bright has ranted about it. The blogosphere is supposedly going apeshit over it. And I have a giant question: Is it really that bad? I’m talking about the recent CDC report about pre-conception health care — the one that the Washington Post reported on, the one that …

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May 21 2006

Dream diary, 5/21/06: Cream pie and Star Trek

Dream #1: I dreamed that Ingrid was teaching me how to make a cream pie filling out of frozen waffles, Cool Whip, and frozen fish. It was important that you use the right kind of frozen fish, and you had to use two different kinds. The filling was suprisingly tasty, but somewhat bland, and Ingrid …

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May 15 2006

How Fred Flintstone Got Home, Got Wild, and Got a Stone Age Life — what does it mean?

So if you read the New Yorker, you probably read the Opal Whatsername parody in Shouts and Murmurs, How Fred Flintstone Got Home, Got Wild, and Got a Stone Age Life. I spent much of Mother’s day with Ingrid, her mom, and her mom’s partner trying to figure out all the literary references… but although …

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May 12 2006

Dream diary, 5/12/06: Aaron Eckhart and the evil BART ticket machine

I dreamed I was having dinner with Aaron Eckhart (the actor: “Thank You for Smoking,” “In the Company of Men”). He was intelligent and charming, but also very snarky, and he kept asking trick questions and openly gloating when I answered wrong. He lived in this cramped, very messy apartment in San Francisco, and served …

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May 07 2006

Truth is grosser than fiction: The Thorax Cake

So the other day I was googling “cake,” looking for the women who throw the feminist stripper parties… and about the tenth entry from the top on Google, I saw this phrase: “This year I decided to go the whole hog and make an entire thoracic cavity cake.” Naturally, I immediately abandoned my search for …

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May 04 2006

Dream diary, 5/4/06: Voldemort’s glasses

I dreamed that Harry Potter had found Voldemort’s glasses, and was convinced that this was a major key to defeating him. He was trying to contact the other members of the Order of the Phoenix to let them know about the glasses, but was having trouble getting around, since BART had just added a new …

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