Monthly Archive: March 2006

Mar 28 2006

Bauhaus dildos and Tolkein in Vegas: Recent smut and sex toy reviews

It’s been a couple of months since I updated you on my Adult Friend Finder reviews. Since then, I’ve written about sex slings, Bauhaus dildos, gynecologically dirty photos, English punishment videos, and cheesy Tolkein-wanna-be porn. A quick note for those of you just joining us: I’ve been writing an every-other-week column for the Adult Friend …

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Mar 16 2006

A Confusing Bill Once a Year

We did our taxes yesterday, so this excerpt from today’s Onion (“New Poll Finds 86 Percent Of Americans Don’t Want To Have A Country Anymore”) is seeming both extra-hilarious and extra-relevant, and I just had to share: “I already belong to a health club, a church, and the Kiwanis Club,” Tammy Golden of Los Angeles …

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Mar 14 2006

Dream diary, 3/14/06: Buffy vs. Voldemort

I dreamed that Voldemort was preparing his final attack to take over the world, but instead of being fought by Harry Potter and company, he was being fought by Buffy and her gang (a gang which included me and a few of my friends). Voldemort’s attack was going to be launched from Central Park in …

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Mar 07 2006

The South Dakota Thing

I’ve been thinking about this whole terrifying fucked-up South Dakota anti-abortion law, which completely outlaws abortion in the state, without even the usual exceptions for rape or incest. And I’ve been thinking about the pro-choice response to it… much of which has been to focus on the horror of rape, and why rape survivors should …

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