Dream diary, 2/18/06: Another Goddamn Wedding Anxiety Dream

I dreamed that Ingrid and I had just finished our wedding, the ceremony and the dinner and the dancing and everything were now over… but now we had to do it all over again. Because some of our guests couldn’t fit the first wedding into their schedules, we’d decided to have two weddings on the same day, so everyone could attend. So now that the first wedding was over, we had to start the second one from the beginning. Also, the second wedding was in a different hall, across town from the first one, and we had to take the bus there… and of course, the bus was late, and we weren’t sure it was the right one anyway.

And I would just like to comment for a moment: When am I bloody well going to stop having wedding anxiety dreams? Is this going to be like math homework dreams, that I have for the rest of my life? Sheesh.

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