Monthly Archive: January 2006

Jan 21 2006

Porn and Musicals: An Analogy

So I was watching a movie musical on TV (actually, I was watching “Top Secret,” which has a sequence making fun of movie musicals), and it occurred to me that there’s an interesting similarity between musicals and porn. Here’s what it is: Nobody watches musicals for their plot. With some notable exceptions, the plot of …

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Jan 15 2006

Porn and Sex Toys: Amusing Opinions and Top Whatever Lists

So I was writing my year-end “Top Five Sex Products” piece for my online magazine column, when I realized that I’ve been writing this column for the last ten months and have neglected to actually mention it to y’all. Oops. My bad. Here’s the deal. I’ve been writing an every-other-week column since March 2005, reviewing …

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Jan 10 2006

JT LeRoy and Hoaxes

Actually, I’m not going to talk about the JT LeRoy thing per se (I work for a company that published one of his books, so I don’t think it’d be appropriate). Read the articles in the Times or the Chron if you want the details. But the JT LeRoy thing is making me think about …

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