Monthly Archive: December 2005

Dec 30 2005

My Letter to the Editor, or, Another Goddamn Bee in my Bonnet

So demonstrating my mastery of yet another literary form (I already have porn and scathing movie reviews under my belt), I just got a new letter to the editor published in the SF Chronicle. (This makes about four or five total. I don’t remember exactly.) It’s a response to an Op-Ed piece about universal access …

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Dec 26 2005

Dream diary, 12/25/05: Treasure Hunt

I dreamed that it was Christmas morning, and Ingrid and our friends Tim and Josie were waking me up very early to go on a singing treasure hunt for charity. I didn’t want to go, I’d been up very late the night before and wanted to sleep in, and at any rate I didn’t remember …

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Dec 13 2005

Come listen to me talk dirty!

Come listen to me talk dirty! (I know, like that’s such a rarity…) I’m going to be doing a reading this Friday, December 16, along with three other writers from my book “Paying For It”: Carol Queen, Cleo DuBois, and Roxie Rosales. We’ll be reading bits from our chapters in “Paying For It” — plus …

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Dec 03 2005

How to get married

So if I were a professional wedding organizer, here would be my first piece of advice to the happy couple: Get a group of family and friends who are (a) unbelievably talented and (b) happy and even eager to share their talent at your wedding. Have friends and family who will sing, dance, play music, …

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