Monthly Archive: July 2005

Jul 26 2005

Travel Diary, 7/26/05: L.A., N.Y., Annandale-On-Hudson, D.C.

Don’t worry. There’s no effing way I’m going to bore you all with a detailed diary of everything I did on my summer vacation. I’m going to content myself with a single exceptional (or exceptionally weird) moment from each city we went to. Los Angeles: A really good question from the audience at the reading/book …

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Jul 15 2005

Dream diary, 7/13/05: Cat Amusement Park

I dreamed that Ingrid and I were building a government-funded amusement park for our cats. We had about 100 of the storage benches we use for window seats (and which our cats adore), and were arranging them in a big grassy field, trying to decide what configuration the cats would like best.

Jul 11 2005

Reading diary, 7/11/05: Existentialism and Human Emotions

Oh, for fuck’s sake. Let me first explain. I got this book because I’m doing a writing project that I thought I should read some Sartre for. Plus, I’ve always assumed that I was more or less an existentialist, without actually having read enough existentialism to back that up; so there was this whole curiosity/guilt …

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