Monthly Archive: May 2005

May 31 2005

Reading diary, 5/31/05: Unweaving the Rainbow

Just finished “Unweaving the Rainbow: Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder” by Richard Dawkins. (If you’re not familiar, Dawkins is the evolutionary biologist who wrote “The Selfish Gene” and “The Blind Watchmaker.”) “Unweaving the Rainbow” is his response to people who feel that science (as opposed to spirituality or paranormalism) destroys wonder, that the …

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May 30 2005


Hi. I’m Greta Christina, writer/editor/all around fun gal, and this is My Very First Weblog. A brief intro: Among other things, I’m the author of Bending, part of the three-novella collection Three Kinds of Asking For It edited by Susie Bright and scheduled for publication by Simon & Schuster at the end of June. Watch …

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