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Jul 29 2014

Terms of engagement: why the Dawkins-Benson pact is meaningful


If Dawkins’ tweets on rape and molestation tell us anything, it’s that he’s going to keep arguing with feminists. But his statement alongside Benson makes clear too that the bullies, harassers and abusive trolls in atheism aren’t part of that argument any more.

Nov 06 2013

On Honeygate

Religion’s not the sole unrighteousness In your philosophy, we’ve learned of late: Caught in the act (high-minded, humourless) Hightailing hot goods to an airport gate – A jar, specifically, of sandwich spread – Reports relay your patented contempt, Determining the art of protest’s dead. Did you expect to be declared exempt At once, on turning …

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Aug 17 2013

You want sex? So stop asking for coffee


Using ambiguity against prospective partners isn’t fair.