We’ve redecorated. Help us move back in?

Yesterday – all credit to our techies for a smooth-as-glass transition – the new-look Freethought Blogs went live. There’s a bit of a story to this redesign, of which I’m not sure how much I should tell, but suffice to say the world’s most useless web designers took eight months to code something our own people had to rewrite. (Again, hats off.) This delay is why it’s taken us so long to add our newest bloggers, some of whom you likely know of: my understanding is, they’ll appear this weekend.

000The new site’s admittedly a bit generic – don’t ask what that hand logo’s about – and whoever thought the text-space in our posts needed more width should have a scrapbook of media sites and a sense of pattern recognition tossed at them. (Which paragraph is more readable: this, or the last one?) On the plus side, the garish borders around images are gone, our site is finally mobile-responsive and the new frontpage is fierce. Hopefully the wallpaper – I might still find a different background I prefer – gives this blog back some character, and in love with Georgia as I am, I’ve decided I should go sans-serif for a while.


Details are still being hammered out, tiny and not-so-tiny glitches being addressed. If anything’s amiss, do let me know, though you may want to check other blogs for issues already raised:

Now to uncover the furniture, sit at the desk and write. Ta-ta for now.





  1. Pen says

    Thoughts? It’s got harder to login around here. And darn it Alex, when you can explain why you chose that wallpaper, you can pass comments on hand logos… Ok, just kidding… each to their own. For the most part, I like it.

  2. says

    I made this comment over on the next post before noticing this one:

    Your new background image is 1600 pixels wide; my monitor resolution is 1920×1080, meaning that there’s a BIG WHITE STRIPE on the right-hand side. You might want to drop
    background-repeat: repeat-x;
    into your CSS to make it repeat horizontally.

    That being said, you might want to rethink the background image entirely, because it swallows text that’s not on the white background, such as the “next post” and “last post” links.

    The one thing that really pops out to me that needs to be changed about the design as a whole is that someone needs to move the “author” and “date” info back up to the top of the post. The date is especially important if someone comes to one of your posts via a link that’s floating around the Internet. How do they know if this is something that just went up today, or has been there for three years? Putting all that stuff at the very bottom is bad ergonomics.

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