Isla Vista and defining terrorism: Nelson Jones and I argue on Twitter





  1. facepalm says

    I think what he’s really trying to say is that it’s only terrorism if a Muslim person does it against the American government.

    That of course is wrong, but what can you do. :/

  2. Al Dente says

    Breivik wasn’t a terrorist either

    The Norwegian government and courts would disagree, since he was prosecuted for and convicted of “acts of terrorism.”

  3. sqlrob says

    @Al Dente:

    That smacks of appeal to authority to me.

    Are the abortion clinic bombers not terrorists because the government said so? Are all those so-called plots that never would’ve worked anyway that are short(?) of entrapment by the US government terrorists because they say so? Or all the “terrorists” in Gitmo?

  4. says

    @sqlrob (#3)

    I think what Al Dente meant wasn’t that Norwegian officials’ definition was an ultimate or unquestionable one – just that it was more representative than Jones’ of how the term is used in practice.

  5. says

    I saw that line a few times – “It’s not terrorism, it’s a hate crime.”

    Hate crimes ARE terrorism. They’re called “hate crimes” to distinguish them from other crimes, and the thing that distinguishes them is that they’re designed to terrorize the other members of the group the person who was attacked is a member of. That’s what terrorism is. Terrorism is a tactic that isn’t necessarily associated with bigotry; a hate crime is terrorism committed in the service of bigotry.


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