Anne Marie Waters resigns from the NSS

After writing yesterday of the anti-secular UK Independence Party, expressing concern its newly announced candidate for Basildon Anne Marie Waters sat on the National Secular Society’s board of directors, I received this statement minutes ago from the NSS:

On 30 April 2014 Anne Marie Waters resigned from the NSS council of management upon becoming a prospective parliamentary candidate. She had made clear that this was her intention at the start of her tenure. The NSS council thanks Anne Marie for her efforts on behalf of the organisation, her energy and enthusiasm will be missed.

When first elected to the board three years ago, Waters was seeking candidacy with Labour (her defection to UKIP came last year); whyever she chose to quit, my criticism was at most a stimulus the choice was made years in advance – it seems to have happened today coincidentally. In any case, an obvious conflict of interests seems to be resolved.




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