Thank you for donating

On Friday I asked readers of this blog to support it through donations – partly to keep writing (blogging especially) viable for me and partly to make sure the month’s rent was paid.

I’ve received enough, despite the unexpected needed for a new laptop cord, to make the latter issue much less pressing. A world of thanks to all those who donated: I can’t express how much your help meant, much less my gratitude.

My donation page remains open, and will for the foreseeable future. Since I’m still hard up, writing’s still underpaid and I want to allow future readers to help fund my work, the Support this blog button below will now be a permanent fixture. Additionally, this one can be used – as some of you used it this weekend – to give €5, €10 or €20 monthly.

This being said, the current crisis looks as if it’s passed, and I’m now moving financially from ‘red’ to ‘standing yellow’ alert. Thank you again to all who lent a hand when I needed one – see you in the next post.




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