Baby Ducky Season is Here!

Ducklings, people! Ducklings! The baby duckies have started hatching on North Creek. I love this time of the year.

Image shows three baby duckies floating in the creek and one exploring on the bank.


Misha was too busy with sunbeams to give a crap about what I was up to, and the weather was the perfect shade of warm, so I headed out down North Creek on Sunday. There weren’t many ducks out, but I did see a couple of mommy ducks with kiddos. The babies were mostly off exploring by themselves, while the moms kept an eye on them from a small distance. [Read more…]

How to Stay Safe in an Earthquake – Napa Earthquake Reminds Us to Prepare Now

(In light of the Nepal Earthquake last week, this seems like a good time for a refresher on earthquake safety. And look! I have one from another earthquake last year.)

California residents in the Napa area got a rude awakening early this morning when an earthquake of roughly magnitude 6.0 shook the valley. It jolted folks awake (and jolted the already-awake folks) at around 3:20 am Pacific time. So far, a few homes have been destroyed by the fires that broke out afterward, and a few people have been critically injured, but no deaths have been reported. From what I’m reading, there seem to be a lot of minor injuries caused by things like broken glass. There’s plenty of damage to buildings, and a lot of wine cellars will be lighter, considering how many bottles fell and broke in the shaking, and there will be a lot of repair work to be done. But California folks are tough. They’ll get through it.

Earthquakes like this remind us we need to stay on our toes. There’s no way to predict them, and even in an area as earthquake-prone and heavily monitored as California, there are at best a few seconds’ warning before the shaking starts. So before we get to talking about which fault’s at fault, let me just give you a few quick reminders about earthquake preparedness and safety: [Read more…]

Today’s Really Terrible Bible Inspirations

You’ve all seen those inspirational posters with the pretty scenes and the carefully-selected Bible quotations. Some of your coworkers probably have one hanging in their cubicle, or framed on their desks. You probably have a grandparent or other relation whose walls are adorned with such tripe. And you, being an atheist, or agnostic, or other sort of person who groans upon beholding saccharine nonsense, might wish you could replace that nice quote with something a little more representative of the Bible’s content.

My darlings, I am here to help. Behold: Really Terrible Bible Inspirations. [Read more…]

There’s Life in the Old Girl Yet

Life with a 21 year-old cat isn’t always simple. Misha’s declining. There are days when I have to feed her a kibble at a time, and days when she’ll barely eat at all. There are times when I’ve spent the entire day trying to feed her, gone through the entire stock of what she used to eagerly chow down on, and dissolve in tears because she refuses it all. This is it, I end up thinking.

Then, as if the little wretch was just waiting for me to break down, she takes her arthritic self to her food dish and starts munching. Damn cat.

It’s hard, watching the end approach. Watching for the signs that the balance has tipped, and the bad days outnumber the good, and it’s time to do the kindly thing and call the vet. Right now, she still seems to be enjoying life. She’ll wander out to the porch on warm days and manage to climb up on her favorite chair, surveying her domain. [Read more…]

New Design! New Book! Holy Schist! Order Now for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is only a week away, my darlings! Did you get the mom/moms in your life something yet? If you didn’t, never fear! You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your present location to get her something nice.

I’ve added a new design at Red Bubble for the moms who love them some hawt volcanoes. [Read more…]

Mystery Flora: Stop Eyeballing the Geology and Pay Attention to Meee!!!

Spoiler alert: we will not stop eyeballing the geology. It’s just a bit harder to see right now.

The weather was superb on Monday, so B and I took a break from the chaos that is currently my life and went to Lord Hill. It was so muddy! The trails are pretty much mush after several days of rain, so if you decide to go see all the beautiful sights, please don’t wear shoes you want to keep tidy. And you’ll want to pay attention to where you’re stepping even on the rare dry bits, because there are piles of horse doings. We really need to make a law that you have to clean up after your equine as well as your canine. Sigh. It was still worth it. No owls, alas, but we saw a few chipmunks, and heard a woodpecker or two, and saw some cute sparrows, and there were flowering plants all over and lusty leafy trees and even still some visible geology, so yay!

I have some fun winter-spring comparisons for you, and then we will have our mystery flora.

[Read more…]

Really Terrible Bible Stories Now Available!

It’s here, my darlings, it’s finally here! At long last, Really Terrible Bible Stories vol. I: Genesis is now available at Amazon! Worldwide, even! It’s allliiiiivvvveeee!!!

Image is a painting of Abraham, holding a knife to a screaming Isaac's throat, looking incomprehendingly at the cherub that's trying to get his attention. Above is the title Really Terrible Bible Stories. Below is vol. I Genesis, Dana Hunter.

I may be a touch hyper-excited. It’s my first book-baby and all.

Those of you who’ve been regulars at the cantina know what it’s all about, of course. You’ve gotten to read all the excerpts! For those just tuning in, here’s the book description: [Read more…]

Adventures in Christianist Earth Science Education X: Wherein We Go Walkies Under the Sea

After the dumbfuckery of Duncan’s “the volcanoes made all the floodwater!” paper, it’s almost relaxing to imagine ourselves stuffed into the disturbing-looking “deep-sea mechanical walking vehicle” the authors of Earth Science 4th Edition wish us to imagine. It is at least more plausible than every single volcanic eruption ever to occur before modern times happening at once, and yet not vaporizing the Ark.

Image is a painting of a red-orange machine that looks sort of like an old diving helmet on robot legs. It has fat rings sticking out horizontally from its top, like ears. Its legs bend backwards at the knees. It looks like it's drunkenly dancing in the surf on a deserted tropical island. It is frightening.

Figure 13-5 from BJU’s ES4. Our chariot awaits…

Good lord, what are those shooter-dealies sticking out of its private area? Did the creationists want to make sure their drunken diving bell ship is definitely perceived as male? Is it about to leave a bunch of fish severely psychologically traumatized, babbling about probes? Are we really supposed to imagine exploring the ocean in this thing?!

It appears so. Ah, well. Hopefully, there won’t be too much creationist nonsense happening as we have a look at ocean basin topography. [Read more…]

New at Rosetta Stones: Link Roundup and Relief Orgs for the #NepalEarthquake

The Nepal Earthquake was devastating. We knew it was coming, but like all earthquakes, its exact timing took us by surprise. Thousands are dead and hundreds of thousands displaced. I’ve collected lots of links explaining the geology behind the disaster, and a list of relief organizations that could use some funds if you’ve got ’em.

I’m sure I’ve missed some of the geoblogosphere posts about this tragedy. Leave me links in the comments, please! [Read more…]