Comment Policy

This cantina is a place for folks to hang out, ask questions, share wonders, howl at injustices and nonsense, and spend time in excellent company. The more, the merrier!

There’s just a few simple rules for playing well with others.

Dissent and disagreement are healthy and fine. They won’t get you banned. Just try to keep arguments relatively civil.

Here are the No Buenos:

SPAM. Spam comments will be deleted without mercy. Spam is linking to a website or post that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Even if accompanied by shameless flattery, spam is still spam. Your spam will die.

PERSONAL ATTACKS. Ideas are fair game. People are not.

TROLLING. You know what trolling is. Don’t do it, unless you enjoy a good whack from the banhammer first thing in the morning.

THREATS, HARASSMENT, AND ADVOCATING VIOLENCE. Not acceptable. Also may be reported to the appropriate law enforcement entity.

MISOGYNY AND MISANDRY. It’s not funny, charming, or convincing. It’s never acceptable in this cantina.

PROSELYTIZING. We happy heathens are bloody well sick of religious nonsense. Take it elsewhere. Proselytizers will be treated as spammers, and dealt with accordingly.

***I reserve the right to publish all communications containing threats and/or ridiculous nonsense, in full, with complete identifying information.***

People with a history of engaging in abusive behaviors may not be allowed out of moderation.