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Oct 25 2010

Is There No End to Inanity?

By now, the more perceptive of you may have realized I haven’t been writing about pollyticks lately.  That’s not because I’ve lost interest, it’s because I’ve been awash in a target-rich environment.  After so many hours of exposure to ever-increasing stupidity, day after day, my poor brain crawled out a convenient ear canal and ran …

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Oct 17 2010

Find the Alt Med That’s Right for You!

I came across this last night whilst reading the comments on Orac’s masterful takedown of laser Reiki, and it’s too damned funny not to share.  Click for a larger image, and find that special alt med that suits you best!

Oct 16 2010

Best Friday Dose of Woo Ever – or Should That Be Worst?

Orac occasionally reposts some of his classic Insolence, which is a good thing – especially when he reposts something so mind-meltingly five-alarm Woo that I wonder where it’s been all my life.  This bit of classic Insolence alternatively made me laugh, cry and howl.  I ended up starting silently at my computer screen in numb …

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Sep 25 2010

You May Think I Hate You After This

I assure you, I don’t.  I can prove it.  I’m warning you ahead of time, read Orac’s Friday Dose of Woo in increments.  Just nibble away at the edges of the burning stupid, then take plenty of antacid and digest for a bit before returning for more. On the continuum of burning stupidity, this one’s …

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Sep 13 2010

Stretching Credulity

If you read only one cartoon this week, read this one (h/t).  Warning: reading while eating or drinking may cause serious problems when you get to the end of the strip, so make sure to swallow any and all foodstuffs well before the final panel. Thank you, Chris, for pointing this one out!

Aug 05 2010

Not Talking About Robert Lanza

Not linking to posts about Robert Lanza, either.  Nope.  Not linking to posts about Robert Lanza at all.  Not even this post about Robert Lanza.  Because it would be just awful if Robert Lanza became upset.  Poor little woo-meister.

Aug 01 2010

Newsflash: Sticking Burning Candles in Your Ear Could Be Hazardous to Your Health

Back in the late 1990s, someone babbled at me about ear candling for a great many minutes.  They waxed poetic over the health benefits of stuffing a candle in your ear and lighting it up.  I can’t remember why.  All I can remember is staring at them with my jaw hanging open and thinking, “Are …

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Jul 04 2009

For the Three People Who Haven’t Seen Homeopathic A&E

Here ye go: If you click the link, you’ll even find out what A&E means. You’re welcome.

Jul 03 2009

In Defense of Demerol; or, Why Woomeisters Shouldn’t Jump the Gun

Michael Jackson dies, and the next thing you know, everybody’s speculating that Demerol did the deed. Which leads whackjobs to froth at the mouth over Big Pharma’s complicity in his death, and Orac to deliver a spanking: Actually, it’s nowhere near certain that this is what happened. In fact, it’s highly unlikely, and, as we …

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Jun 30 2009

PalMD Gets Mail

It turns out chiropractors are no better than creationists when it comes to intellectual honesty: A long while back, at the original wordpress incarnation of this blog, I wrote a piece on the reasons that chiropractic is unscientific nonsense. Because it was popular, I moved it over here. Well, a chiropractor has come to bravely …

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