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Apr 03 2014

To The People Who Love to Opinionate on Not Medicating a Mental Illness

Fuck you. Fuck you and your sanctimonious crap about how you believe psychiatric drugs aren’t good for us, and we shouldn’t take them, because we’ll be oh-so-much-better. Bullshit. You know, I really wish more people cheered for the medicine, and fewer acted like it was a personal failure and a potential death sentence to take …

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Jan 22 2014

A (Metaphorically) Magical Review of Dr. Offit’s Magnum Opus on Woo

Cover of Do You Believe in Magic. It has got all sorts of herbs emerging from a top hat. Very cute and clever.

Do You Believe in Magic? The and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine by Dr. Paul Offit. I have friends who drive me mad with alt med crapola. People who shun vaccines, people who chug mega-doses of Emergen-C (and catch colds regularly anyway – but still swear it worked!), who go on and on about natural this …

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Aug 01 2012

Archaeologists, This Is Your Chance to Shine!

Rock or artifact I

A Bear submitted a bit o’ a puzzle. Good thing, too, as I am deep in frantic research and prep for a trip to Mount St. Helens this weekend, so I haven’t time for anything gorgeously detailed. Especially not since WordPress ate my gorgeously-detailed prior post. Grr. I’ll just quote from his emails: Artifact or …

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Jul 21 2011

Beware! The Health Water Pushers Want You Dead!

Well, brain dead, anyway, because how else are they going to transfer money from your wallet to theirs? Take water.  Just yer basic water.  Now, I’ve fallen for the SoBe Lifewater scheme, not because of its supposed health benefits but because they add things to it that make it very tasty, and so I can …

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Apr 04 2011

Where to Go Before You Go Woo

I’m constantly amazed by the crazy shit people will believe.  Comes to that, I’m constantly amazed by the crazy shit I used to believe.  There was a time, for instance, where I believed that there might be something to Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).  That, of course, was before I began reading about it. Really, …

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Feb 21 2011

I See Sedona’s Still Silly

For a brief and all-too-memorable two years of my life, we lived in Sedona, Arizona.  It’s a beautiful place, red rock country that will dye your white socks a nice shade of rust whilst hiking.  It’s also a total magnet for oddballs. When we first moved there, back in the late 80s, an alarming number …

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Jan 16 2011

Public Service Announcement

Do not subscribe, or give someone you love a subscription, to Mothering Magazine.  Mothering magazine: Peddling dangerous health misinformation to new mothers Thank you.

Dec 18 2010

Hey! I Practice Alt Med, Too!

Kimball Atwood’s been kicking the arses of all those who like to babble that because alt med’s popular, even the most implausible, most wootastic woo should be studied.  We’re talking folks who think that homeopathy should be studied, despite the fact the basic science isn’t behind it at all – you’d have to overturn pretty …

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Dec 08 2010

I Shall Never Look At a Catalog The Same Way Ever Again

Dr. Crislip’s outdone himself.  He very nearly got me in trouble at work – riotous laughter in the call center isn’t strictly forbidden, but it draws attention. I dare you to read this title without at least a chuckle: “Sky Maul.” It’s the best takedown of the products in the SkyMall catalog I’ve ever read …

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Nov 17 2010

Further Evidence Britain Needs to Reform It’s Fucked-Up Libel Laws

Read.  Weep (with laughter and outrage).  Then sign the petition, unless you already have, in which case: go, you!  Tell your friends to get their arses on it. What a fucking world.

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