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Apr 10 2011

For Wise Readers Only (With a Little Something for the Rest)

Today is the day that I make an announcement: I’m writing a non-fiction book. Still writing fiction, too, mind, but I’ve got this idea for a little geology book rattling around inside my skull, and the only way to extract it so I can have some peace and quiet round here is to actually write …

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Dec 15 2010

A Bout of Insanity: Devis in the Details

For my Wise Readers, who may or may not be eagerly anticipating the next bout, here ye go. And for those dying to be included in the insanity but who haven’t got round to asking, you can send me a request to be a Wise Reader at dhunterauthor at yahoo dot com.

Nov 08 2010

Wise Readers Wanted

Those of you who were with me last year know that I keep a writing blog, A Slight Risk of Insanity.  And it’s shortly going to be open for business again.  ‘Tis the winter writing season, after all. Right now, you may be thinking, “What, no link?”  No, indeed.  It’s an invitation-only enterprise.  Members of …

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Jul 19 2010

Now Would Be a Good Time to Tell Me How Awesome You Are

(Postdated in hopes all shall participate. Speak up! I beg you! Love and hugs to all who already have. New content below.) There was a meme running around ScienceBlogs for a while there, asking lurkers to de-lurk, stand up and be counted.  You know what, why not?  The most important part of blogging is you, …

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Apr 17 2009

To My Texas Readers

You have my deepest sympathies, my darlings. Should all the right-wing freaks invade Texas in the hopes of a glorious revolution, I have a couch. And an air mattress. They’re not big, but they’re not surrounded by wingnut lunatics, either. Just one small homicidal cat, who will stop trying to rip your throat out if …

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Dec 06 2008

“How to Talk to an Atheist” Coming to an In-Box Near You!

At least, it is if you requested a copy. If you did, and it’s not there, email me at dhunterauthor at yahoo dot com so I can rectify the situation. My powers of organization, they sucketh mightily, so I may have missed a few folks. If you didn’t request a copy and regret not getting …

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May 19 2008

What It’s All About, Really, When You Get Right Down to It

Most importantly: a profound muchos gracias to those who have volunteered to become my Wise Readers. You’ll forever hold a high place in my personal pantheon. And there’s still room, so by all means, volunteer if you haven’t already. Writing is one of the hardest things a person can do. It’s easier when we’re not …

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